Bill Stull #171

I have been racing Rupps for the past 15 years. Starting out at the Gleason track. Became a club member of Pro Vintage Racing, later becoming co-president and board member for several years. In 2007 took over the Vintage Sno Pro Series after racing the series for a couple years run by Larry Preston. Each year striving for more as any racer does, now building my own race engines. Built a strong Rupp Team, called Team 3D now including my nephew Will in the Super Stock Class, my good friend Steve Henke running my 440 IFS Rupp, Alex Vaughn running Pure Stock and my daughter Kaitlyn running Junior Class this year. All the work on the sleds would not be possible without my right hand man, Matt Auclair and the help of "The Viking" Dale.

  • #171 - rupp 3rd dimension 300
  • #171 - Rupp 3rd Dimension 340
  • #171 - Rupp Magnum 250
  • #171 - Rupp FA 340
  • #171 - Rupp Sno Pro 440

Matt Auclair, Will Stull, Alex Vaughn, The Viking Dale, My daughter Kaitlyn and My wife Becky

  • AAEN Performance, Wahl Brothers Racing, Binkley Brothers Racing, Smith Oil Co., Kuzin's Kustom Body & Paint and The Ruppshop